Wily Fish founder, Stevan Lieberman is an IP attorney with more than twenty years of litigation experience. He recognized that the high cost of traditional IP searches was becoming a barrier for too many companies and wanted to change that. Wily Fish is the result. We are the only IP search tool that makes it possible for any company to monitor, manage and protect their brands at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal searches.


Executive Team

Stevan Lieberman, Esq Chief Executive / Operating Officer, General Counsel & Founding Partner, Greenberg & LIberman, LLC, a 22 year old legal firm specializing in Intellectual Property Protection and Digital Rights Management. He has a proven track record of building / selling technology companies, and has litigated cases pertaining to virtual reality, domain names and other areas of intellectual property.

Michael St. John - Chief Technology Officer & Founder - Backend Java Programmer. He has created crawlers for numerous projects and uses Machine Intelligence, agent-based parallel processing server data farms that utilize petabytes of data. He was a lead software Engineer FUJI Partner / Editor-in-Chief at Domains Magazine. Partner / CTO at Internet Traffic Signal, Inc Senior Software Engineer, RCM Technologies

Orly Zeewy, Chief Marketing Officer
More than 30 years of experience in design, marketing communication and brand strategy to WilyFish. Prior to starting a brand consulting practice in 2002, she led the award-winning Zeewy Design and Marketing Communications for 14 years and directed marketing programs for national brands such as CIGNA, Kraft Foods and Prince Tennis. Orly is a visiting professor and lecturer at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College and is a former lecturer at Wharton. She is a popular speaker on marketing and social media trends and is a guest blogger for The Marketing Journal. In October 2017, Orly was featured in the Business Section of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Terry Regan, CPA - Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer and VP of Finance for Blacky Auger REstaurants (100 million plus co), CFO Half Baked INc. & Dallas Restaurants, CFO Mother's Pizza.

Advisory Board

John Carleon (Advisor) - Startup guide and investor. Qualified expert on business plan modeling, forecasting, and funding. Currently with Deloitte Consulting.

Andrew Rosener - (Advisor / INVESTOR) Domain BrokerSerial Entrepreneur

Debora J. McCormick, Esq - Attorney of Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC with decades of experience in the field of intellectual property. Specifically, an expert in trademark prosecution, federal trademark litigation, and Trademark Trial and Appeal matters, as well as experienced in the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) process for the resolution of disputes regarding the registration of internet domain names.

Jothan Frakes (Advisor / INVESTOR) - Jothan Frakes is the co-founder of many of the domain name industry, intellectual property and cloud/SaSS events, like NamesCon, MERGE.SHOW, DomainFest, and roundtable.org. He also is the CEO of ICANN Accredited Registrar $$$ Private Label Internet Service Kiosk (plisk.com). Registering his first domain name in 1991, Jothan has developed, pioneered and worked with a variety of systems in DNS, security, messaging, naming and hosting since, holding roles in numerous registries and registrars, and inventing a variety of technology patents for domain names and instant service chat held by Verisign and Oracle that are widely in use.

Kevin Wilson (Advisor) - Kevin Wilson has decades of financial leadership experiences with start ups and large multinational companies. In recent years, he has focused on using his expertise to be the initial CFO helping launch startups in technology including Donuts Inc, the largest TLD registry operator which recently was sold for 1/2 a billion dollars. Wilson was CFO at ICANN for 4 years. Wilson received his undergraduate degre from Standord, his MBA from UCLA, and his CPA designation while working for one of the big four accounting firms.