Why WilyFish?

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WilyFish is a brand protection platform offering innovative search tools for locating the “unfindable” in databases and on the internet. WilyFish is the best tool for your trademark clearance, trademark policing and domain name availability because WilyFish can locate graphics, design images, logo images, words, and phrases.

Available databases on the WilyFish platform include:

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark database (updated daily)
  • Current and Historical domain name WHOIS / DNS information
  • Current and Historical internet information, including among other things, screen shots of web pages and an index of all text and images

WilyFish offers a simple, clean interface that allows numerous search capabilities.

  • Easy to use system
  • Choose your own filters and control the information received
  • Save your searches
  • Receive notifications when your mark is found in online marketplaces, in app stores and on webpages
  • Protect your rights by selecting an option that automatically sends notices to online infringers
WilyFish offers easy to use innovative search tools and affordable protection tools that allow you to find your new brand and protect your current brand identity on the internet.


A WilyFish search reveals marks included in the United States Trademark Office database, as well as brands found through a continuous crawl of the Internet which is updated in real time. The data is provided in a cogent fashion based on WilyFish’s neural net and other elements of artificial intelligence.


WilyFish search tools allow you to choose your verticals and filters, thus allowing more control over the information you receive. The information found can be saved as a “static search,” for litigation purposes or as an “automatic updated search,” for brand policing purposes.


Eliminate the possibility of missing alerts, missed deadlines, and free up your time and resources. Allow WilyFish to automatically send correspondence, including “take down” requests, “demand letters” and/or other demands, based on WilyFish’s automations.
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Trademark Search

WilyFish allows all registered users to search the United States Trademark Office database for free. The US Trademark Office database includes all applied for and registered US marks. WilyFish locates all brands found through a continuous crawl of the Internet, updated in real time, allowing you to police your mark.


  • Search capabilities include text and images.
  • Filter to get more accurate and better results faster.
  • The most relevant results are revealed at the top of the list.
  • Save your results and be notified automatically when additional related results show up in the US Trademark Office database.

WhoIs / WhoWas

WilyFish allows all registered users to search Domain Name WhoIs for free. WhoWas includes data that was available from 2005 to the present.


  • All WhoIs and WhoWas Tld, Gtld and CCtld data has been parsed so it is fully filterable.
  • Cross index WhoIs / WhoWas data with all other domains both for current and historical records.
  • Print out reports designed for litigation.

By Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC & DigitalCandy, Inc.