WILY FISH is the best Brand-Recognition Platform

  • It’s the only system that was designed from the ground up to recognize image and logo marks.
  • Our custom image-recognition algorithms find image and logo manipulations and derivative works better than any algorithms in the market to protect your marks.
  • Wily Fish is a much easier way of searching the USPTO Database.


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Subscription Plans starts as low as $35/mo.

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Monitor your results by seeing where your marks and images are being used. Wily Fish actively monitors the internet to see where and how your marks and images are being used online. The system uses advanced filters and AI to automatically group matches and to let you quickly find what’s important and actionable.

Wily Fish never stops scanning and crawling the internet, automatically alerting you when new image and mark matches are detected.


Take action and manage those results by sending cease and desist letters, sending reports to clients, breaking out results by geography, and more.


You can also Mix and Match your results with other databases, such as the WHOIS domain name database, and comprehensively protect your marks, domains and content.

Search Result
Filtering by:

  • Geography

  • Social Channels
  • Text (Words & Phrases)
  • Content

  • Graphics, Designs and Logos

  • Filter Out Your Own IP Addresses and Domains

  • Infringing Party’s Contact Info and more

Search Result Database Mixing & Matching:

  • US Trademark Database

  • Whois Domain Names

  • TLDs

  • DNS

  • IP Addresses

  • Location

  • Country

  • Find Domain Name Availability and more

Search Result Management:

  • Schedule Action-based Tasks

  • Weekly and Monthly Auto-Monitoring of your Searches

  • Create Custom Folders

  • Send Reports to Clients and Colleagues

  • Clear and Monitor Trademark and Content Usage

  • Be Auto-notified of New Potential Infringements (TM, Spam, Phishing)

  • Use Cease and Desist Letter Templates and more

  • File Court Documents (federal, state, UDRP or URS) – Coming Soon

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Try before you buy. All accounts are free for the first 30 days or 150 searches, whichever comes first ($250 value).

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  • Trademark Search Text only
  • If you Upgrade, all your search data results, folders and management information is auto-transferred into your new plan  
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  • Online Access
  • Trademark Search Text
  • Domain Search Text
  • Includes 10 Folders 
  • Includes 35 Searches


  • Online Access
  • Trademark Search Text
  • Domain Search Text
  • Includes 30 Folders 
  • Includes 70 Searches
  • Offline Reports

Legal Professional

  • Online Access
  • Trademark Search Text &
    Image Search (Coming Soon)
  • Domain Search Text &
    Image Search (Coming Soon)
  • Text Search Across Internet
  • Includes 75 Folders
  • Includes 250 Searches
  • Offline Reports
  • Phishing Search, Page comparison Text / Image (Coming Soon)


Enterprise Services are provided on a custom pricing basis. Please call 301-588-2849 for more details on service offerings and pricing.

WilyFish’s systems are capable of searching the Internet based on numerous factors.

Training of Internet Custom Crawlers on how to identify …

All images on the client’s website, and then searching the Internet based on keywords to see if any single product is being sold. Catalogues of images can also be searched.

Particular products and then searching the web to see if the product is being offered at a price point that is 50% or less than the provided list price.

Particular images or videos to find out if they are being used across the Internet.


The Co-Founders of WILY FISH noticed that the process of searching, protecting and managing one’s brand, content and digital assets was too expensive, confusing and time-consuming for most companies, agencies, law firms and artists. So, in an effort to democratize this process, we designed, built and tested WilyFish.  We want to allow people to more easily and effectively own and preserve their digital properties, at an affordable price.

Stevan Lieberman, Esq.

Stevan has been the Managing Partner of Greenberg & Lieberman, a successful 25 year-old IP law firm located in Washington DC.

Michael St. John

Michael is a Platform Architect and serious Java Programmer who has developed search platforms for the largest domain name companies and registrars in the world.

Michael Leifer

Michael is a Cultural Anthropologist and the Founder/CEO of guerilla PR, a successful 20 year-old integrative marketing communications firm, located in the Bay Area.


For Agencies, if you’re not using Wily Fish for your brand clients, you’re really not giving them gold standard service.

Adam Stone, CEO, Speedlancer

In co-charing tthe ICANN Contracted Party House Technical Ops group for domain name Registries and Registrars, we are always on the look out for new best-in-class tech platforms to add value to our members. Wily Fish is one such platform, which we strongly recommend.

Jothan Frakes, Vice Chair, ICANN

WilyFish simplified the trademark process and helped me identify the best path forward for my business. The service is top notch and adds an extra level of security to my business.

WilyFish is a comprehensive trademark and Internet search platform that’s intuitive, yet robust.

Desiree Boxberger, CEO, gTLD Help LLC

Wily fish provided more comprehensive domain name results than any of the other services we had used, for an extremely reasonable price.

Andrew Rosener, CEO, Media Options

Wily Fish is an incredible powerful and easy-to-use tool for doing crawls of the Internet.  It does what other services charge you thousands of dollars to do.  A very solid new platform!

Greg Manriquez, NameDrive

Wily fish has been invaluable in helping our clients to build their new brands and protect them. The platform enabled us to quickly and effectively identify what brand names were already trademarked and which domain names were already reserved.  Perhaps the best feature they offer is their brand management suite of tools that allows full tracking and simple issuance of cease and desist letters.

Being able to own and properly protect your brand, gives you peace of mind.

Jock Gordon, Founder, Mind Only


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